Microworlds - MicroWorlds PRO. MicroWorlds Pro is now only available for Macintosh OS 9. It has been replaced by our new product, MicroWorlds EX, available for both Windows and Mac OS X.. MicroWorlds JR Demo Download We’re inviting you to try out our latest product, MicroWorlds JR. This demo version will allow you to do everything that the. a MicroWorlds project which flips a coin 100 times and records the flips in two graphs.

a MicroWorlds project which lets you guess how many people are in each crowd. マイクロワールドexのlogo言語は、日本語、英語でプログラミングできる教育用プログラミング言語です。コンピュータ言語で楽しく活動する子供の世界をマイクロワールドと呼び、マイクロワールドexは、logo言語とマルチメディアの総合環境です。. Refrigeration, pasteurization and expiration dates: Don't be chicken, learn how to keep your food safe!.

LCSI is a global leader in constructivist educational technology. Visit www.lcsi.ca for news, product and company information, support and a vast library of MicroWorlds resources.. Animals - New England Aquarium Butterflies Condors Electronic Zoo Frogs Microbe Zoo. Computer Science Pure and Simple, Combined Edition: Fun Programming for Homeschoolers Grades 7-12 [Phyllis Wheeler, Don Sleeth] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This classic homeschool computer science manual for kids provides 34 programming lessons encompassing a year of study and one high school credit. It teaches basic.

Back in Time for Dinner - Education. In this series we explore a home from a different decade in each episode. For use in Stage 1 History, students are encouraged to compare and contrast homes.

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